School Rules

  • The school timing is from 7.20am to 1.30 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

  • Punctual attendance is must for all students.

  • All children should be in the school campus by 07.20 am daily.

  • Children are not allowed to be taken home before the last bell unless there is a written permission from the Principal / Director.

  • Complete silence is to be observed in the School campus (including the visitors) during the assembly time and dispersal time. The K.G students will be dispersed at 11.20 am and the private transport children of K.G can be collected from the School only after 11.30am.

  • Students will be allowed to attend the school only in proper school uniform and they should wear school uniform to attend all functions and the Open House / Parent-teacher meeting

  • The students should not throw any type of letter around the site or in the vicinity of the school

  • Any damage done to the school property will be charged.

  • Students are required to be punctual. A record of late arrival will be maintained in the diary.

  • No late comer will be admitted to class without the permission of the Principal.

  • In case of sickness, for more than one day, a medical certificate should be attached to the leave application.

  • Glass containers for food or drink must not be brought to school.

  • No student should leave the school premises during school hours, without the permission of the Principal.

  • Every student should wear the prescribed school uniform daily.

  • Wearing ornaments like rings, bangles etc, is not allowed. Girls can wear simple ear-rings. The school is not responsible for such valuable articles.

  • Chewing gum is not permitted in the school.

  • Mobile phones, Walkman, CD’s, audio/video cassettes, toys, books (other than school library books) such as comics, newspapers, and periodicals should not be brought to school without the consent of the school authorities. Students in possession of these items will be penalized and the articles will be confiscated.

Hair Style: All boys must have regular haircuts. Mushroom cut and long hair on the nape of the neck are strictly forbidden. Important note: Pants should be with normal cut. Low - waist pants will not be permitted.

General note:
  1. Girls should keep their hair clean and tie it back with a thin black elastic band. Those who have hair below shoulder length should tie their hair neatly into one or two braids. Girls having very short hair should put a black hairband. The use of coloured / Ornamental hair bands is strictly prohibited.

  2. Nails must be kept short and clean and no nail polish should be applied.

  3. No make-up of any kind is allowed.

  4. No jewelry is permitted except for small ear-studs / small ear rings.

  5. Students only up to Grade V can wear color dress on their birthdays School rules should be strictly followed at all times.