Examination & Evaluation System

The School is following the new Examination / Evaluation system (Grade I to X), that is, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) - A School based evaluation system covering all aspects of students' learning and development.

The curriculum will consist of two major components.

  1. Scholastic Area

  2. Co- Scholastic Area

The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System will be based on set tools and techniques. The annual evaluation and assessment will be under two heads

  1. Formative assessment - 40% (FA 1-10%, FA 2 - 10%, FA 3 - 10%, FA 4 - 10%)

  2. CSummative assessment - 60% First term (SA 1) - 30%, Second term (SA2) - 30%

Formative assessment (Assessment for Learning)

       Formative assessment is a tool used by the teacher to continuously monitor student‘s progress in a non-threatening and supportive environment.

Major areas of assessment

A. Scholastic Area - Class work. Homework, Assignments Projects, Quizzes, Oral tests, Conversation, Interviews, Presentations, Experiments, Work education, Art education, Physical and Health education etc.

B. Co- Scholastic Area - Life skills (Thinking skills, Social skills, Emotional Skills), Altitude and values, Literary and creative skills, Scientific skills, Aesthetic, skills, Performing Art, Subject clubs, Sports and games, etc.

Summative Assessment (Assessment of Learning)

The Summative Assessment is the terminal assessment of performance at the end of instruction. Summative Assessment takes place in the form of written / oral examinations which consist of Short answer questions, Long answer questions, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) etc.

Grades will be awarded for all academic assessments under the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) as given below:

Grade Key