Bul Rules

The school gives the topmost priority to the safety of students and staff. The head security is a trained person in handling security needs of the school and the campus is monitored 24x7. The students once inside the campus can only leave with the consent of Principal, Academic Director. The Campus is under the surveillance of CCTV system.

  • Stand in the queue to get in to the bus

  • No pushing please

  • Sit down in the seat allotted to you.

  • Walking around in the moving bus is forbidden.

  • Segregation rules in the bus must be maintained.

  • Shouting or talking loudly in the bus is dangerous as it may distract the driver.

  • Fighting with other students can result in suspension.

  • Litter in or out of the bus should be avoided.

  • Aisles / walking space should be free of school bags.

  • Any damage to the bus caused by you will be charged.

  • Allow the K.G. and Primary children to be seated first.

  • Co-operate with the conductors to create a safe environment.

  • Repeated Violation of school rules may result in dismissal from the use of School Transport.